Study Skills

When you were studying or in class listening to your teacher, did it ever happen that you became bored, fidgety, looked out the window contemplating your next soccer move in the coming recess, yawned while reading, felt tired or became sleepy in class?

Did it ever happen that you stumbled past a word while reading a text aloud?

Did you ever become frustrated with a subject, become angry or want to give up on one or more subjects?

Ever gone blank after reading a page or forgot what you read?

Were you ever enthusiastic to study a new subject only to realise later you were no longer interested?

The above are symptoms of poor Study Skills. There are three specific barriers (obstacles) that prevent one from successfully studying any subject to the point where one could quit completely and lose all hope of ever getting that education he dreamed of and achieve one's life long goals.

Do you realise that children run into exactly the same problems in their classrooms or while doing their homework?

Yet, today the same difficulties, which are easily resolved, are assumed to be brain disorders, are classified or labelled as "ADHD" and needing dangerous, mind-altering medication.

Compare the difficulties above with some of a list (below) of symptoms that are used to label children "ADHD":

  • they appear as if they are not listening; 
  • they appear as if their mind is elsewhere; 
  • they fidget with hands and feet; 
  • they interrupt or intrude on others; 
  • they seem to be sleepy, drowsy, or restless during learning situations; 
  • they often leave their seat in the classroom.

Those symptoms DO NOT belong in the medical field (brain disorders) and should not be used to justify the use of drugs to supposedly resolve those symptoms. Those are symptoms of poor study skills which can be easily resolved without any drugs.

Education Alive®, based in Johannesburg, is licensed by Applied Scholastics®, has been very successful in helping students resolve their study difficulties.

They offer study courses that teach one how to study and learn how to identify and overcome the three specific study barriers. It is aimed at showing how one studies in order to comprehend a subject so one can apply it.

It is not speed reading or memory tricks. With these methods, any subject can be studied successfully by anyone.

The study courses are based on the study technology researched and developed by, author and humanitarian, L Ron Hubbard.

Groups and Training Colleges are set up in South Africa by Education Alive to deliver the study methods.

To enrol on a study course or a tutoring course in your area, contact Education Alive:
Tel: (011) 702 2208

Applied Scholastics website: 

Find out how a Baptist Minister solved crime and drug addiction through literacy by using the study skills program and founded the World Literacy Crusade:  

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