Proteins, the Key to Health

Protein - any of a class of complex substances containing nitrogen which are found in all animal and vegetable matter and are necessary to the diet of animals (Greek 'proteios', prime, 'protos', first).

The skin, muscles, organs, nails, hair, brain are composed largely of protein. Only when protein is supplied can each cell function and keep itself in constant repair. With adequate protein intake, energy is readily produced and sustained.

A lack of proteins cause a number of unwanted symptoms, such as hair to break, nails to break and peel, blood vessels to become flabby and weak, blood pressure not to be maintained, muscles to lose their elasticity, making poor posture, and heart muscles weaken.

Proteins are key to the normal functioning of the body.

The following have proteins as their building blocks: Muscles, hormones, enzymes (all energy is produced by means of enzymes. Some change food so it can be absorbed into the blood), antibodies and white blood cells (key to building and boosting the immune system) and albumin (a fluid produced by the liver makes waste collection in the body possible, which can then be expelled).

Amino acid - found in plant and animal tissues. They are the building blocks of proteins. They play an important role in metabolism, growth, maintenance, and repair of tissue.

Proteins are composed of a combination of 22 known amino acids, which are needed in forming every tissue in the body. There are 8 amino acids the body cannot produce and they are known as essential amino acids, which are needed to support health.

Superior sources - whey protein, eggs, fresh milk (without synthetic cows growth hormones and antibiotics), liver, kidneys, buttermilk, cheese, soybeans, wheatgerm and powdered brewers yeast.

Excellent protein sources - meats, fish, fowl.

Fair sources - nuts, beans, peas and grains - those foods do not contain the 8 essential amino acids (incomplete proteins). Consume together with other proteins so the combined foods have all 8 present.

References: Nutrition advices by Adelle Davis.

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