How does one go about handling a child who is rebellious, revengeful, who revolts, one who will not listen, does his own thing, never contributes, etc. However much discipline is applied, threats, control, it doesn’t resolve. What now? Make him more manageable with mind altering drugs as an “expert” would suggest? NO, WRONG DIRECTION!

There is a solution which requires no drugs.

How to raise a happy, healthy child is not something most parents are taught. In fact, many just stumble through the entire process, albeit with best intentions. Consequently, it is all too common to find an unhappy state of affairs in families, with constant friction between parents and children. It is not a natural state of affairs. In fact it can be avoided entirely.

Raising children should be a joy. And can be. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding of all human experiences.

We have found some useful and practical materials on tips on how to raise children which you can find on this website. Read them and it will give you some good pointers to become a better parent to your child.

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07 November 2013

Seminar - The Use of Nutrition in Treating Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Network with successful professionals and various participating organizations who offer workable and drug-free treatments and support on Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal issues. Gain new knowledge and tools to add value to your existing programs and treatments.

September 29, 2013

Prescription Drugs Are Killing Three Times More People Than Street Drugs

A State Medical Examiners Commission in the USA has found that deaths related to prescription drugs outnumber deaths from illicit drugs three to one.


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Behaviour, morals & values, integrity

What workable and common-sense guidelines can a parent have towards their unruly, misbehaving and/or disrespectful children and help them become more moral?

Tips in raising children

Notice each time your child does something positive; acknowledge the action; be liberal with praise. Another reason the method is so effective is that young children learn almost totally by mimicry.

Fair exchange between parent & child

The concept is easy and clearly observable: you will receive help and cooperation to the degree that you give help and cooperation. It is taught in every religion and family in the world.