An Open Letter to Parents

Allan Wohrnitz (BSc)

Bringing up a child in today’s world and environment is a very challenging task. How does one go about raising a child so he can become a productive member of society, remain honest and moral throughout his growth to adulthood, not be lured into drugs and criminality? How does one ensure the child is getting the correct education and he can apply what he has learned so he becomes a success in his chosen career? How does one restore trust in one’s child, how does one help one’s child who is on drugs get off drugs and stay off? How does one keep the sweetness and love a child can express to his parents throughout his growth?

There are many factors parents are faced with which can destroy their children’s future. Many “experts” have appeared who pretend to have your child’s interest at heart, but have been gradually destroying their rights to think for themselves, destroying morals and workable education systems, have pushed drugs in a “legal” way which make children more manageable which in fact have turned them into drug addicts and criminals.

The Children’s Rights Project in Education has been formed to assist you to tackle this problem the natural way and help achieve what you as a parent had in mind since the birth of your child - the best for your child. You can learn in very simple terms on the correct proven ways to ensure your child grows as you envisioned. You can gain sufficient basic knowledge to assist you to make a learned decision and exercise your rights as a parent so your child can grow up safely despite all odds.

The information available has been simplified and easy to read and apply. They are complete alternatives to drugs and one will find one or more topics that apply to one’s child that will resolve the problem.

The areas of trouble with children and solutions have been laid out as follows:

Nutrition - proteins, brain food, essential fatty acids, sugar and sweeteners, toxins and preservatives, detox, allergies.

Study - study skills for full understanding and application, and tutoring

Parenting - how to raise children and cope with them

Morals and Values - how to deal with rebellious, disruptive and ill-behaved children

Drugs - getting someone off drugs and stay off. Data on the dangers of drugs.

Legal - how to exercise your rights as a parent against enforced drugging of children for “learning disorders”

We have a panel of experts who have joined the project to be at your service and answer any questions you need to know.

I sincerely hope you make good use of our services, be able to experience all the joys a child brings to a parent and help your child achieve his goals and endeavours free of drugs.

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07 November 2013

Seminar - The Use of Nutrition in Treating Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Network with successful professionals and various participating organizations who offer workable and drug-free treatments and support on Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal issues. Gain new knowledge and tools to add value to your existing programs and treatments.

September 29, 2013

Prescription Drugs Are Killing Three Times More People Than Street Drugs

A State Medical Examiners Commission in the USA has found that deaths related to prescription drugs outnumber deaths from illicit drugs three to one.


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