Behaviour, Morals & Values, Integrity

What workable and common-sense guidelines can a parent have towards their unruly, misbehaving and/or disrespectful children and help them become more moral?

How can a parent help and safeguard their child to make the correct choices in his/her life despite the bad influences they will encounter in their school environment?

Moral - concerned with or relating to human behaviour, especially in the distinction between good or bad or right and wrong behaviour.

Morals - principles of behaviour in accordance with standards of right and wrong. (Collins Dictionary)

Values – the ideals, customs, etc. of a group or society which is chosen and considered to assist in the survival of the family, group or society.

Positive values (assists survival) could be respect for others, honesty, sharing, cleanliness, freedom, education, community service, etc.

Negative values could be cruelty, theft, lying, cheating, crime, disrespect for an elder, swearing, etc.

Integrity – Doing what is right by one’s own choice; doing according to the positive values one has chosen to live by without having to be told by another one.

Moral values have been heavily assaulted in the last century, causing untold havoc, misbehaviour, disrespect and violence in all parts of our communities, including the family unit. Because of this, children became the victims of emotional distress, abuse and can become easily influenced to make the wrong choices (drugs, promiscuity, cheat in exams, miss classes, etc.).

Because of such assault, one has lost sight of what Values are. One is not able to make the right choices because one is not able to choose one’s own Values to live by. This then makes it difficult on one to have Integrity, since Integrity wholly depends on a choice of Values made by oneself.

Many people have observed and recognized this decline of Morals and Values within their own lifetimes.

The booklet “The Way to Happiness ®” by author and humanitarian, L Ron Hubbard, contains twenty-one separate precepts (principles or lessons) – each constituting a rule for living, in other words a common sense guide to choosing one’s own Values.

Once one has been able to choose one’s own Values can one exercise Integrity. It has been used very successfully by tens of millions around the world, helping spread a common-sense approach to living peacefully in our turbulent world.

Abiding by the precepts gives one a chance to attain true and lasting happiness.

Following are some of the precepts:

Love and Help Children - 

Honor and Help your Parents - 

Set a Good Example - 

Seek to Live With the Truth - 

Do Not Steal - 

Be Worthy of Trust - 

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How does one go about handling a child who is rebellious, revengeful, who revolts, one who will not listen, does his own thing, never contributes, etc.

Tips in raising children

Notice each time your child does something positive; acknowledge the action; be liberal with praise. Another reason the method is so effective is that young children learn almost totally by mimicry.

Fair exchange between parent & child

The concept is easy and clearly observable: you will receive help and cooperation to the degree that you give help and cooperation. It is taught in every religion and family in the world.