Mission Statement

Parents only want the best for their children – children who are drug free, healthy, free of pain, intelligent, helpful, moral, easy to get along with, successful, productive, focused, goal-oriented and who successfully accomplish all their chosen goals with the skills to be self-sustaining.

The Rights of Children Project in Education has laid out the following Mission Statement and wishes all parents and like minded people to endorse this mission and do all they can within their time and resources to accomplish the following Goals.

Start to dream the Goals, get others to join in with us and encourage the use of the materials on this website to help make this dream become a reality.

To help in the creation of an environment where:

  • Our children are free to exercise their rights in the field of education;
  • Drugs are no longer used as “solutions” for learning and behaviour problems;
  • The psychiatric labelling of learning disorders, like “Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)” and “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),” is immoral, unconstitutional and illegal;
  • Education in the dangers of the abuse of street and medical drugs with proven drug-free solutions are offered;
  • Nutritional Basics are learned and applied and children are properly fed;
  • Workable and proven study methods are applied to help create an education system that surpasses the existing standards;
  • Morals and Trust are realities in the education system, at home, and beyond, so that our children can grow up in a safe and non-violent space;
  • Parents and teachers know how to raise, cope with and educate children to help them become productive members in our society.

News, Views & Events

07 November 2013

Seminar - The Use of Nutrition in Treating Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Network with successful professionals and various participating organizations who offer workable and drug-free treatments and support on Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal issues. Gain new knowledge and tools to add value to your existing programs and treatments.

September 29, 2013

Prescription Drugs Are Killing Three Times More People Than Street Drugs

A State Medical Examiners Commission in the USA has found that deaths related to prescription drugs outnumber deaths from illicit drugs three to one.


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