Junk Foods and Toxins

Junk Foods

Junk foods are “foods” depleted of nutrients, add a lot of stress to your body & eats up all your energy.

Here is a list of junk foods and what to replace with:

(1) Sugar

Sugar - Sucrose - refined sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet. It contains no nutrients except calories.

Sugar rich foods such as jams, jellies, candies, rich desserts, and all package mixes and sweet bakery products, sweet gelatin desserts, prepared puddings.

Cool drinks, Imitation fruit drinks; soft drinks; alcoholic beverages; imitation cream, both powdered and liquid;

Too much sugar destroys one's appetite - one rarely eats sufficient other foods to meet one's body's needs.

A small amount is used for energy and the rest changes to fat. It puts your immune system to sleep. The immune cells (warrior cells) cannot work when there is too much sugar and this allows the germs to grow faster and can keep one sick for a long time.

A 340ml can of carbonated cool drink contains over 8 teaspoons of sugar. “Sucrose is a Poison”, per Dr. William Coda Martin.

When glucose levels are low, the feeling of hunger sets in and, more sugar is craved. Hyperactive children are often on an adrenalin rush after excessive intake of sugar.

Symptoms of low blood-sugar/glucose: trembling, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, blackouts, angry outbursts, violence, depression, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity.

Alternative: Cut out or reduce your sugar amount. Use honey, fructose, stevia or xlitol for sweeteners.

WARNING: Sweeteners with aspartame are toxic to the brain.

(2) Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates in prepared cereals and in refined cooked cereals (eg. corn flakes, rice krispies, all bran flakes, sugar loaded coco-pops)

"Wheat" breads (white or brown refined bread); all products made with white refined flour, including so-called "enriched" flour.

Refined carbohydrates digest into sugar (glucose) too fast and give you too much glucose at one time – similar to a sugar rush – some is used for energy and the rest turns to fat

Alternative: Seed Loaf or Low GI bread, Brown flour, Muesli with rolled oats (for cereals)

(3) Refined Oil

Refined oil (sunflower or canola oil, triple refined) and Margarine, known as hydrogenated fats (chemically extracted oils) and foods cooked in such fats like potato chips, cocktail snacks and French-fries; hydrogenated peanut butters; processed cheeses; Causes the onset of heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, gout and skin problems (eczema, pimples, acne, dry skin, patches)

Alternative: use extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, mustard oil, butter, butter ghee, or palm olein oil.

(4) Mealie Meal

All that is left after processing the mealies is carbohydrates, which contributes to weight gain, obesity and tiredness. The mealies in packets in the supermarket shelves are now known as Refined Carbohydrates.

Alternative: eat raw or boiled mealies, or dried mealies and stone crushed.

(5) Rice

Parboiled rice and white rice are poor in nutrients. Such rice has been refined by removing the fibre coating around the rice.

Alternative: Use wild rice, health rice or brown rice.


(6) Phosphoric Acid

 Found in cool drinks (colas, soda beverages).

Action: a neuro-transmitter disrupter and a known mental impairment agent. Depletes the body of Calcium and Magnesium, resulting in hyper-excitability, nervousness and inability to relax, learning difficulties and faulty memory, clouded thinking, confusion.

(7) Additives/Preservatives/Colorants

Found in packaged foods and drinks.

Action: Tartrazine increases the precipitation of Zinc, rendering it unavailable in the body. Children on tartrazine, 4 out of 10 get eczema and asthma.

Action: Aspartame – chemical sweetener - contained in diet cool drinks or “zero” sugar cool drinks, in sugar substitutes, in concentrated juice drinks. Aspartame is highly toxic and acidic to the nervous system and brain neurons. It can cause irreversible damage to the brain neurons.

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