Information on Drugs

A chemical substance, mostly man-made, toxic and poisonous to the body, that induces sleep, relieves pain, produces numbness, stupor, mental numbness. Without exception, every drug is toxic to some extent. The toxicity can be counteracted by an adequate diet containing anti-stress factors.

Anti-Stress Factor:
There are certain unidentified vitamin-like substances that have a fantastically protective action against most types of stress. They are found in liver, wheat germ, yeasts (Brewers and Torula), kidneys, soy flour (from which the oil has not been removed), the pulp of green leafy vegetables.

Anyone ill and/or on drugs should work as many of those foods as possible into their daily diets.

Drugs induce stress in the body and have the same damaging physical effects as any form of stress causes. Although they are supposed to do wonderful things, all they really do is ruin a person. Drugs injure a person's ability to concentrate, to work, to learn - it can shatter a life.

True Stories:
A parent was asked why she would be so worried if her child took drugs. Her answer was simply: "It is like I’d have lost my child, like I’d be talking to someone who is not there; there is just a body in front of me."

A son told his father: “Thanks Dad for getting me off that pill for my learning problems. Every time I took it, it made me become someone I wasn't."

Drugs vs. Learning:
“Drugs impede learning. In view of all the other things drugs do, one might easily deduce this. But the statement is more than simply a deduction, it is an empirical fact."

Learning rate - the length of time it takes someone to learn something - has been proven to be slower in drug users than others. Actual tests show that the learning rate of a person who has been on drugs is much lower than that of a person who hasn't.

“Drugs, then, would prevent a person from becoming educated. Now let's weigh this against the fact that drug usage among students is not only tolerated in many schools and colleges, but some drugs are even employed in certain schools - one example being psychiatrists advocating and pushing the use of dangerous, addictive drugs as a means to handle what are termed “hyperactive" children.

“This may, indeed, be the root of the foul-up of current education which has been so widely publicized in recent years. Teachers have been cited, in various articles in the press and other media, for failure or inability to teach. But the problem, at its root, may not be the teachers at all.

“Whatever the actual statistics may be on that score, certain it is that drugs are prevalent in schools. And certain it is that drugs impede learning and thus impede education.

“And a civilization that cannot be educated, that cannot learn, cannot last. This means this civilization will be ended unless we do something about it.” - L Ron Hubbard (Clear Body, Clear Mind)

Drugs & Nutrition:
Drugs produce dietary deficiencies by burning up some of your body's vitamins, destroying nutrients, using them up, preventing their absorption, increasing their excretion or chemically taking their place. When a drug must be taken, it becomes of paramount importance to see that nutrition is improved to the utmost. The reason the law requires that drugs be sold on prescriptions is that they are dangerous.

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Vitamin C:
When Vitamin C is generously supplied, it has been known to prevent and nullify the toxicity and allergic reactions caused by drugs. Drugs cause a continuous destruction and high urinary loss of vitamin C as long as the drug is taken and sometimes for 6 weeks after the drug has been discontinued.

Many drugs cause severe liver damage - they prevent vital substances from being produced and foodstuffs from being utilized normally, interfere with hormone production and often cause cirrhosis of the liver, which can be fatal and has become common in children.

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Drug Addiction:
The sad experience with addiction is that it can be a one way ticket to jail or death.

There is an exact point where one becomes addicted to a drug. It is when the nervous system does not know how to cope without the "constant presence of the drug."

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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms:
People addicted to drugs (street or prescription) have great difficulty discontinuing their habit.

Drug withdrawal symptoms such as weakness, trembling, mental depression and suicidal tendencies occur which result in discomfort. The ONLY relief drug addicts know for such unwanted conditions and discomfort are to take more drugs, as it numbs the withdrawal effects until the drug wears out.

Therefore, the more drugs are taken, the worse off are the nutritional deficiencies, and the symptoms become worse. This leads the person on an unwanted path of slow death as more and more body organs get destroyed where the person experiences more discomfort, more excruciating pain or commits suicide to escape the pain.

Supplements with sound nutrition have resulted in people able to stay off drugs, get adequate sleep, and within a few days their depression abated and they were able to walk without tiring.

Drug Residues:
Research has shown that drug residues (street and medical), chemical poisons, toxic substances, preservatives, pesticides, etc., lodge in the tissues, mainly in fatty tissues and remain in the body for the rest of one’s life.

Their accumulation disarranges the biochemistry and fluid balance of the body. These residues can at times be released in the blood stream when the body needs to burn the fat for energy purposes. The feelings of depression, tiredness, hopelessness, irresponsibility, woodenness feeling can come back or remain for no apparent reason, partly due to the released drug residues in the blood.

There exists a very effective program that addresses this problem and helps a person get off drugs, remove the drug residues, restore his abilities to a point where he is no longer dependent on drugs and can live a productive, drug-free life. The program, using drug-free methods is administered by a group called Narconon.

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Nutrition advices by Adelle Davis, L Ron Hubbard.

WARNING: No one should stop taking any psychiatric drug without advice and assistance of a competent non-psychiatric medical practitioner, who can wean the person off the drug safely. These drugs are extremely dangerous and very adverse reactions could occur in trying to come off these drugs, which must be handled by a competent medical practitioner.

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07 November 2013

Seminar - The Use of Nutrition in Treating Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Network with successful professionals and various participating organizations who offer workable and drug-free treatments and support on Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal issues. Gain new knowledge and tools to add value to your existing programs and treatments.

September 29, 2013

Prescription Drugs Are Killing Three Times More People Than Street Drugs

A State Medical Examiners Commission in the USA has found that deaths related to prescription drugs outnumber deaths from illicit drugs three to one.


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