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ADHD Drug Emergencies Quadrupled in 6 Years - Dr Mercola

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07 November 2013

Seminar - The Use of Nutrition in Treating Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Network with successful professionals and various participating organizations who offer workable and drug-free treatments and support on Stress, Depression, Addiction and Drug Withdrawal issues. Gain new knowledge and tools to add value to your existing programs and treatments.

September 29, 2013

Prescription Drugs Are Killing Three Times More People Than Street Drugs

A State Medical Examiners Commission in the USA has found that deaths related to prescription drugs outnumber deaths from illicit drugs three to one.


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The Rights of Children in Education Project was conceptualised by Allan Wohrnitz in 2002 to address the problems parents were encountering...

An open letter to parents

Bringing up a child in today’s world and environment is a very challenging task. How does one go about raising a child so he can become a productive member of society...

An open letter to doctors & teachers

Numerous reports from parents have directed my attention to concerns about the recommendation and prescription of mind altering and addictive drugs ...