Minerals Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium

Stressed Out, Can’t Sleep, Waking up tired, Can’t Relax, Muscle Cramps, Restless Legs

Calcium Deficiency: sets up spasms in the nerves and muscles, state of high tension. Causes muscle cramps, spasms and restless legs. Spasms in the intestines = spastic colitis; spastic constipation.

Calcium aids in the transportation of nerve impulses. An undersupply causes nerves to become tense and one becomes grouchy; inability to relax and induces fatigue

Magnesium deficiency: increases nervous reactions; highly strung and volatile in character; very excitable or sensitive

Restless sleep or interrupted sleep is because the body is highly strung and is unable to relax. One wakes up tired. Once the body can relax with the presence of Calcium and Magnesium, the body will be able to have uninterrupted sleep and one will wake up refreshed and energized in the morning.

(The high salt content from junk foods reduce magnesium levels, worsening an already a brain devoid of most essential minerals and vitamins. Magnesium is important in regulating the central nervous system.) (Most fast foods contain phosphoric acids that interfere with the absorption of zinc, magnesium, manganese and calcium. – see section on Junk Foods)

Potassium is a key mineral for energy production within the cells. It is easily lost through perspiration. Magnesium helps to keep potassium inside the cells, thus reducing the effects of low energy levels and muscle cramps (heart muscle cramps = heart attack).

For optimum cell function and energy production, potassium works together with Vitamin B1 to convert glucose to energy. Supplement with B1 for long lasting energy levels and mental sharpness. Vitamin B1 is available in Maxi Mind by MaxUp – www.maxup.co.za 

More information on Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium: http://www.maxup.co.za/P20061004160156353.htm 

Magnesium – Natures Tranquiliser: http://www.maxup.co.za/P20061004162051586.htm 

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