Allergies are mainly caused when irritants such as undigested proteins or house dust, dandruff (from animals), pollens have managed to enter the blood system and contaminate it.

Undigested proteins should NEVER enter the blood system. Undigested foods cause 90% of Allergies such as stuffy nose, post nasal drip, asthma, blocked sinuses, skin rashes, etc. It also causes excess mucus formation.

Histamine: Harmful (putrefactive) bacteria produce histamine from undigested proteins. It is abnormally high in the blood of allergic persons.

How do undigested foods enter the blood system? Leakages from the colon allow undigested foods, faeces and other toxins to seep through and contaminate the blood.

What causes a Leaky Gut/Colon?
Answer – Intake of Antibiotics resulting in uncontrolled growth of Candida.

Antibiotics - bring about haemorrhages and multiple vitamin B deficiencies by destroying valuable intestinal bacteria (pro-biotics). Sometimes it induces ulcers in the colon or large intestine. Vitamin B deficiencies cause a lowered immune system.

Antibiotics given to cows are often found in cow's milk - so when buying milk, ensure they are certified as not using antibiotics to treat their cows as well as not using (rBST) Bovine Growth Hormones on the Dairy cows.

Candida is a fungus (a yeast), also a parasite present mainly in the colon, from birth onwards. It reproduces very fast in the absence of valuable intestinal bacteria (pro-biotics) and in the presence of yeast and sugar. It breaks down sugars into alcohol and gas, which is the most likely source of hyperactivity. It is the cause of Thrush and Nappy rash.

Unrestrained growth of candida will cause them to gather and get attached to the wall of the colon. They grow fine, hair like structures that penetrate the gut wall, causing perforations. This stage is when serious problems begin and the gut can leak its contents into the blood-stream.

Candida produces its own toxins and when present in the blood, it attacks the immune system, resulting in runny noses, sore throat and ear infections.


The constant state of activity is derived from yeast starting to bubble in the gut and the individual can never stay still, like the early stages of alcoholic consumption. One feels good, like one could dance all night which then progresses to a sluggish state of inertia. The sugar inside has fermented and the Candida overgrowth and its high toxic levels will slow them down.

Control of Candida

Candida overgrowth is restrained in a high B vitamin environment. The presence of friendly intestinal bacteria or flora in the intestines is VITAL TO GOOD HEALTH. It produces the B-vitamins, creates a proper balance and holds back the invasion of harmful bacteria and parasites and prevents the Candida attaching itself to the intestinal walls.

The intestinal friendly bacteria is also known as probiotics, of which two kinds exist:

Bifidus bifodum - found in breast milk. It lines the digestive tract of the infant and establishes the immune system from birth to about the age of 5 years old. It is vital to maintain it in the child's digestive system.

Lactobacillus acidophilus - found in children from about the age of 5 to adulthood.

Pro-biotics are available in all health shops.

If your child or yourself suffer from allergies or thrush and have the symptoms as described above, consult a health care practitioner who can offer treatment free of drugs.

Ref: Nutrition Advices by Adelle Davis, The Way Back by Jo Hampton.

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